Our Commitment

You can trust that your business and personal matters will be handled with professionalism, integrity, and the utmost discretion. The end result will be accurate, timely, and get you great results that leave unlimited options for your financial success. 


"All negative items were deleted and they added lines of credit!  My score is now 746 in less than 3 months!" Thank you Toyicha! -C. Wyatt-Long Beach

"I never paid anyone!  My score was 468 and I had 28 negative items from repos, collections, and charge offs.  After completing the process of Set Free Credit Repair, my score jumped to 649. I am speechless!- B. Herrington Dallas, Texas

"In my area, they do not offer services like this.  I had a stubborn foreclosure and judgment on my credit reports.  After 60 days, both were deleted from my credit report.  Now my credit score is 723." I. Hayes, Mississippi

"Wow, my score with from a 522 to a 630 in less than 45 days!  I am telling everyone about Set Free Credit Repair." -T. Johnson, Rialto, CA

"I had identity theft and also mishandled my credit.  Set Free Credit Repair got rid of 10 collection accounts in 26 days...my score went up 100 points!  Set Free Credit Repair is worth more than they are charging for their in take fee.  My life is better since I gotten my credit repaired. -R. Broussard, Los Angeles, CA

"My credit score increased 60 points in one month and by the end of the process my credit history is clear!-- L VanPelt

"I signed up to get my credit cleaned up 30 days ago because I couldn't get a car without paying 18% interest.  Today, I drove up in    my brand new Cadillac with a 10% interest rate.  Thanks to Set Free Credit Repair I am saving money and look good while I'm doing  it." -- R. Hudson, Long Beach, CA

"While I was in college, I made some bad choices and charged up 7 credit cards and let them charge off. It was like a huge stain on my credit report blocking me from getting the things that I want so I signed up with Set Free Credit Repair.  In 7 weeks my score went from 486 to 612" -- S. Jaimeson, Inglewood, CA

Set Free Credit Repair Tips

*You can take steps to repair your credit on your own; however, it is less stressful and expedient when you let the experts do it.

*You should never pay for credit repair service up front.  Pay as you go so you see what you are paying for.